Security rules in crypto and NFT

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Security rules in crypto and NFT

When using cryptocurrency and buying NFTs, it's a good idea to stay safe. You can easily lose your funds if you are not careful and cautious. Diving into a new topic for themselves, newbies can make unfortunate mistakes, which scammers take advantage of. In this article we've gathered a few important tips on how to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences.

Transfers to purses

Scammers have become active in the TON network and are sending out spam transactions to users' wallets. Usually the amount of incoming transaction is minimal and is at the level of 0.000001 TON.

The message to such a transaction offers to transfer funds to the wallet in order to gain access to AirDrop and contests. This is 100% scam. Don't pay attention to such transfers: nobody from TON development team and bona fide projects send such messages. Some browsers and wallets have already started marking such transactions as scam, but still, be careful.

Entering a seed phrase

Incoming scam transactions to the wallet may also contain a link of the following type: The address looks like an official TON resource. When going to the site you will be asked to enter your wallet key. If the user has entered his or her sid-phrase, he or she has made a gift to fraudsters - they will be able to access the wallet and withdraw all funds and NFT.

Remember: never enter your sid-phrase on third-party resources and in messages. You only need to do this once when you log into your wallet. Write these 24 words down on paper and hide them where no one can find them. Or learn them by heart if you are confident in your memory.

Sending TONs to exchanges

When you need to withdraw your funds from your wallet to an exchange, be sure to enter the TAG it provides in the transaction comment. Otherwise, the money will not be credited to your account. If this still happens, you need to contact support, but by no means the fact that the issue will be resolved. So just be careful.

Buy and sell NFT

The best way to buy or sell NFTs from your collection is on one of the marketplaces: GetGems and Disintar. Or the deal can be done directly, but with a reliable intermediary-guarantor.

Trading NFT without an intermediary - very risky business. You can do so if you completely trust the other participant and are sure that he is the one who is in a dialogue with you. Remember, names and avatars in Telegram are very easy to change, so always pay attention to the nickname. Otherwise you may be tricked into taking your NFT or funds.

Personal messages

Subscribers of NFT-projects channels often face the fact that they are spammed by personal messages from supposedly the founders or collection representatives who put photos and nicknames identical to the projects creators and write to the investors to transfer TON to them. Or they send out links to fake presale bots during sales periods.

These messages may look like this: "Hi, I'm a founder of Any Name Collection, we're starting a presale, transfer your coins here → "Scammer's Wallet Number". Sometimes it looks more plausible, sometimes less so. But the point is the same - it's a scam.

Checking NFT Collections

If you're looking for an NFT you want to buy on a marketplace, you might run into a scam here, too. Check if the collection is verified: many large projects on Getgems have a blue checkmark next to the project logo. This is a clear sign that the project is not a scam.

Also, pay attention to the number of NFT in the collection: if you get to the page, say, Animals Red List, and you see that this collection is not 13332, and 200 or 300 NFT, it's a scam. Scammers will not re-mint each picture by making a copy of the collection, especially if the count goes to thousands. If in doubt, you can always send a link from the marketplace in the chat project and clarify whether this is a real collection.

Account security

Use complex passwords, double authentication, tie your phone number and email. Use the security of your accounts in centralized services to the fullest.

A little tip: do not put the same password on all exchanges and other services. If it's hacked, the intruders will have access to your other accounts. Be vigilant.

Secure services

There are already a lot of services on TON from different teams. Not all of them are equally safe and stable. To see if a particular product is worth trusting:

  • Learn more about the team. Check their Telegram, Twitter, etc. If the team doesn't have social media, that's something to think about.
  • Look if the service is in the directory This is not a 100% guarantee of reliability. but obvious scam should not get there.
  • Look at the mention of the service in the popular channels TON. The community does not advise bad.

In conclusion, I would like to say that although developers on their part are trying to reduce risks for users, it is always important to remember and comply with basic safety rules. We are actively moving into the world of the decentralized Internet, where you cannot forcibly undo anything in case of an error. Every step you take must be conscious and weighted.