Play-to-Earn, Move-to-Earn and Drive-to-Earn games

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Play-to-Earn, Move-to-Earn и Drive-to-Earn игры

These seemingly complicated names describe the essence of common mechanics in blockchain games. The key word here is "Earn" - to earn money. In order to get coins or other NFT in such projects, you need to perform certain actions. About them we will talk in this article.


Such games combine exciting gameplay with earnings.

To start playing, you will need:

  1. Buy Play-to-Earn NFTs.
  2. Or rent from other players.
  3. Or nothing - just play. True, not many games allow you to start without investing.

Gameplay is different: from creating your own village and resource extraction, as in Tonlanders, to fantasy soccer, as in Fanton. They all have one thing in common: we play to get NFT or in-game tokens.

Destroy enemy NPCs, mine ore, compete in PVP mode - it all depends on the game, but the key goal is the same: to make money.

Let's imagine that after spending some time in the game, we got NFT or crypto. What next? There may be three options:

  1. Reinvest. Let's say you got 100 game tokens, you can buy NFT, improve it and resell it afterwards. And then reinvest again.
  2. Stacking. Some games have the ability to stack NFTs or tokens for a certain amount of time to get rewards. Rewards come in a variety of forms, from the usual crypto to random boxes that hold a random prize.
  3. Selling. At the end of the day, it all comes down to this. People come to P2E to make money, and the surefire way to get money is to sell NFT or crypto on a marketplace or auction to other players.

Sounds all too good: play, get crypto, and sell. There has to be a catch, right?

It's important to remember that Play-to-Earn is about finances, not gameplay. The same rules apply here as in other sectors of the cryptocurrency market. No one knows if a particular NFT will be worth $1,000 tomorrow or nothing. It's certainly not a casino, but it's not a "get money for free" button either.

Rotgar Game

Rotgar Game is a prime example of a P2E game. It is one of the first P2E games announced on the TON blockchain and integrated into Telegram.

At the start of the game you get a character, basic items of equipment and get into the city. What's important - you don't have to have the NFT project to start the game. Gameplay is based on PVP-battles, where players fight with each other in the arena. When you win, the winner, receives various rewards. Players can upgrade items, buy equipment and go back into battle. And if you want - to sell their wealth on the marketplace.


From the name is already clear the basic mechanics of this subspecies of Play-to-Earn games. To start you need to download the project application and buy NFT. And then be active throughout the day: moving, walking, running from the police)), etc.

Popular this type of games made the acclaimed project Stepn. Who watched the NFT market at the end of 2021 knows what a haip was raised around it. To use the DeFi app, you have to buy NFT sneakers for 12 SOL ($600, at that time). Not cheap fun, right?

Despite this, the project had 3,000,000 users who actively used the app and earned cryptocurrency.

Yes, the business model of M2E is questionable, because a successful economy in the game requires: a constant flow of users and an affordable price for NFT-"passes". But it's certainly doable. We need to look carefully at the implementation of such a concept - not everyone has a rational policy in this regard.


One of the brightest representatives of Move-to-Earn on TON is the TON DOGS project. The creators have already announced the fitness application WOKI. In it, you will have to take care of your pet, just like in the childhood game Tamagotchi. The goal of the game is to gamify fitness and make it not only fun, but also profitable.

Running with friends and working out, walking with a virtual pet and taking care of it - that's what TON DOGS promises. The project is run by a strong team that has launched its own steaking pool, developed a mobile explorer and released an NFT collection.


Or buy a Bentley to earn something. (just kidding 😀)

It's all standard in this model:

  1. You buy an NFT;
  2. You ride any form of transportation. Yes, you can ride a bike too );
  3. You get cryptocurrency.

This is a new genre of P2E, you could say - a logical continuation of the concept of M2E. And while M2E already has a steady audience and a number of popular projects, D2E is just emerging and about to take a big shot at the NFT market.


One of the first in the world to implement this concept is TRACE, a project that flew into the NFT TON crowd in May 2022. The game will be released on mobile devices, which makes sense.

To enter the game you buy an NFT container from which you randomly get a car or several cars at once. Then you will need to turn on your device GPS and you can start playing.

The essence of the gameplay: while driving you "burn" fuel reserves of the NFT-car and get ACE in-game tokens in return. These can be spent to improve the car and buy parts to increase income. You can also sell the tokens and the car itself and thus return to the beginning of the cycle. The main condition for earning: the speed of travel must be higher than 10 km/h.

The project has already held a number of successful presales and is preparing for the alpha test of the application in September this year. It is also interesting that over time, TRACE will grow from a Drive-to-Earn project into a large geolocation game and meta universe with its own lands, characters, etc.