Is NFT more of an art or an investment?

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NFT это искусство или инвестиции

So are we talking about art or investment? This question often comes up in the community of TON, and in general any blockchain where the NFT market is actively developing. To answer briefly, NTF is about both art and investment. But articles are not created for short answers, but for detailed and understandable, so we will explain why people buy NFT in the first place.


There are all kinds of NFTs. Some are superficially drawn, they don't look aesthetically pleasing and are created just to make money. Others are full-fledged art and paintings that are tastefully and stylishly done. For example, the Animals Red List collection.

Each animal art is hand-drawn by a professional illustrator under the supervision of an art director. This makes the image of each token a work of art in its own right. Some people are won over by this: people love beautiful things, so they make aesthetically pleasing interiors in their apartment, buy stylish clothes, etc. In the case of NFT, it works the same way. It's nice to have something beautiful in your wallet.


The very notion of "N FT" implies uniqueness. The token makes the bearer a little more "unique", because he has something that others don't have. A human being is a social creature, but very individual. That's the psychology. We want to be special, and to show it to others.

A picture that only you have is a good reason to buy.


Belonging to a community is not the main reason to buy an NFT token, but it is worth mentioning. The group, where the holders of one collection gather, is a close-knit community where people can talk about topics that are interesting to them. For example, to discuss TON course, innovations of NFT-project, sales on the secondary market, or maybe the problem of extinction of rare animals, etc.

And if the project is built on the principle of DAO, you can use democracy here. Investors work together to resolve project issues and dispose of the resources earned on the seals. Ordinary holders can really influence the course of the project and a lot of people really cherish it.


NFT is a digital asset in addition to the image, on which you can make money. It's commonplace to sell it at a markup, which is what most users do. But even the ways to sell are heaps. Flipping, trading, holding. There are different strategies for selling NFTs, to learn more about them, read the article "Strategies for NFT Market Behavior".

It is also possible to make money from staking, which is provided by some NFT projects. This is a long-term but stable investment. Or on games. Play-to-earn is in fashion with TON users, and literally it is already a full-fledged business, where people get tokens during gameplay and resell them on marketplaces.


Depending on how you look at NFT, you can say different things.

On the one hand, it's art that artists, illustrators, and designers work on. They put their talent into it and put it on display. And connoisseurs of beauty collect them in their collection. On the other hand, it's a form of investment that makes millions of dollars.

Different people have different perceptions of NFT, but one fact is that it is a big separate world. You can see it as both art and money, as entertainment for geeks and as a community with close interests. It all depends on how you look at it.