How to earn in the NFT without investing

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Как заработать в NFT без вложений

"No way," the newcomer will think. And he will be wrong. Of course, NFT, as well as the crypto market in general, implies investments and investments. But to get the initial income in this sphere without spending your hard-earned money is quite a realistic task.

In this article, we will consider the main ways of earning in NFT without investing. However, it is worth specifying - without investing money. But investing your time and attention to earn money in NFT is just necessary.


The first thing that comes to mind when the phrase "earn in NFT without investing" is, of course, AirDrop. It looks simple: you sign up for an NFT giveaway, and then you just wait for the token. True, it still has to come, because the chances of winning in AirDrop with a large number of participants are small.

You can increase your chances if you take part in more AirDrop. Here a simple mathematics works - the more drawings you have in your list, the higher the overall chances, something to win.Also, in most cases, you can increase your chances by inviting your friends to the project via your link.


NFT channels on Telegram have been running a lot of contests lately where you have to guess a riddle like this one: "Where Mars becomes the last one". It's not an easy riddle, but the prize is a good one - 500 TON. Especially since they give hints, and they help a lot in finding the right solution.

This way of promotion is used more and more channels, because it allows you to attract an active audience, not bots, as in the case with the distribution of checks. So. if you like to break your head over difficult problems and want to earn TON, then subscribe to the channel The riddles on the blockchain. They often publish such puzzles here.


A timeless classic. Probably all users of The Open Network at least once received coins from them. Checks can be different: from small ones of 0.0001 TON, to big ones of 1 and even 10 TON.

In winter of 2021-2022, when NFT projects on TON started, there were a lot of checks. And it was all for marketing and audience: the checks were good for attracting the first subscribers. Now there are fewer of them. The effectiveness of checks has fallen, because bots began to activate them en masse. But, nevertheless, the tool works, and in battle all means are good. So, the checks were, are and will be, and some money can be earned on them. They will not be much, but they will be enough for coffee. Especially if the rate of TON is good enough.


These are various games with the ability to earn and withdraw funds. Here you can already play seriously, in all senses. Play-to-Earn games open up a lot of opportunities to earn money on NFT.

To start playing them, you need to register and:

  • either pay a certain amount or buy an NFT to start playing, which doesn't work for us;
  • or pay nothing and start right away for free - this is for us.

There are already dozens of such games being created in TON by both large.and small projects. Find them not too hard, at least use our catalog.  

Found a game, registered, what's next? There are several ways to make money in P2E-games:

  1. Selling NFT. Here everything is standard: you complete tasks, defeat other players, get in-game currency. For her buy NFT and sell on the marketplace. The scheme is simple and working. Sometimes you can get NFT in the game for free. As a gift or for completing a quest.
  2. Selling in-game currency. You can not purchase a token, and sell the currency that you received during the game.
  3. Casino and betting. At times, some projects allow you to play in the casino and bet in cryptocurrency. This is a risky business, but if you want to try it, we do not forbid it. Keep in mind that it's easy to lose all your money on bets.

If you want to earn from Play-to-Earn games without investing, you need to know one thing: you will have to spend a large amount of time. Get ready for the fact that you won't always enjoy playing. Over time, it may become a job and a chore. But games can certainly be changed, so it's not all bad. If this perspective suits you, you're welcome.

Creative competitions

Another common way to make money. Many collections constantly run creative contests with rewards in Toncoin or NFT, which can then be sold if desired. Such activities help to form an active and close-knit community, which is very important for any NFT collection.

Most often, to participate in such contests, you need to draw an art, come up with a story, suggest an idea for the development of the project, etc. I.e. the ability to draw, write texts, make memes, create simple videos will be a big plus. The more skills you have, the more you are immersed in the project and can think creatively, the more chances you have to be among the winners.

Unlike AirDrop, winners in creative competitions are not chosen at random. Here you have every opportunity to influence the outcome. But you have to be prepared to spend some time on it. And sometimes quite substantial time. That's why it's worth considering projects that are of personal interest to you.

Bottom line

It's possible to make money with NFT without investing. Only you have to spend your time to get something meaningful. Or to be very lucky, but this as we understand - not an argument.

NFT is all about investing. You can start with the simple ways to make money described in this article. But to get more meaningful results you need to invest. Follow our publications to learn how to analyze the project and find the most promising of them.