TON Domains. The first step to Web 3.0

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Домены TON

TON DNS is a service for creating short domain names that can be linked to websites, wallets and smart contracts. The number of characters in a domain name can be from 4 to 126. You can use English letters, hyphens and numbers.

An example of a short name: rotgar.ton

DNS - simplifies the user experience, which provides some advantages.

Simplifying the number

Blockchain developers The Open Network and its community have created a number of convenient services aimed at a large audience: wallets, exchangers, blockchain reviewers, etc. A wallet address is a long series of characters that is hard to remember, so it's not very convenient to use. Since TON is betting on mass and minimalism in blockchain usage, it means we need to simplify the use of the wallet number as well.

The TON domain solves this problem. Now there is a short nickname instead of a cumbersome character set.

Web 3.0

The main idea of TON is decentralization and creation of a new free for all Internet. DNS technology is one of the important steps towards this goal. In the coming quarters, TON Foundation developers intend to release TON Sites and TON Proxy, which together with the domains mean the launch of decentralized Web sites. Security and privacy are what blockchain users will get when all the Web 3.0 components are up and running. 

The advantage of decentralized domains is also the absence of administrators. No one can delete or take away your domain except in exceptional cases that can be voted on by the whole network.


The domain is a full-fledged NFT. And opens up a new trading segment on TON. Selling and buying on marketplaces, transferring to other users - everything you can do with NFT, you can do with domains. Short popular names like apple.ton and dubai.ton will be especially in demand as NFTs.

How to buy TON DNS

On July 30, an open auction for the purchase of TON domains was launched.

To buy a domain you need:

  1. Go to
  2. In the search box enter the domain you want to buy.
  3. If the domain is free, send an amount not less than the minimum amount to your wallet and specify the name of the domain in your comment.
  4. If the domain is already open for auction, you can put your bid and similarly make a transfer of coins.

For example, you want to buy the domain: rotgar.ton. Enter rotgar in the search box on, send at least 400 TON to the wallet and specify in the comments: rotgar. When you send the money, the auction will start. By default it lasts 7 days. If your bid is not "outbid", you will receive the domain to the wallet, if someone places a higher bid, the money for your bid will be returned.

To "outbid" your opponent you will need to send 5% more of his bid. Each bid increases the auction time by 60 minutes.

Minimum bids depending on the number of characters:

  • 1000 TON - 4 characters;
  • 500 TON - 5 symbols;
  • 400 TON - 6 symbols;
  • 300 TON - 7 symbols;
  • 200 TON - 8 symbols;
  • 100 TON - 9 characters;
  • 50 TON - 10 characters;
  • 10 TON - 11+ symbols.

After the auction ends, the TON coins go to the DNS smart contract address and are permanently withdrawn from circulation. It is also noteworthy that during the year the auction time will be reduced to 1 hour, so that unpopular domains will be bought up faster.